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Welcome to Nagra Website designs agency in Leicester. Our Web design agency is based in Hamilton, Leicester. We offer website design and development services at very affordable prices. All our website designs are SEO friendly, means your new website will get Google ranking from day one. We can also offer combined packages, which includes new website design and SEO services. Our combo packages will give you a nice start and chances of your success are much higher. Before we start anything, lets first understand responsive web design.

Responsive Website Designers in Leicester

If you are looking for a website designer and developer in Leicester, then you are at the place. We can build a custom WordPress or Magento website at a very affordable price. Our web designs are SEO friendly and we also offer SEO Services. Before you decide anything for your  new website, Let’s understand what is RWD.

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is developing websites made for a desktop so that they can be easily navigated and viewed on devices with smaller screens such as mobile phones and tablets. In the past, websites were just designed for desktop use. When the same website was viewed on a smaller device, such as a mobile phone, the website content becomes too small to read and difficult to navigate. As a result, the user gets a negative experience of the website and this may result in the loss of a potential customer.

Smart phone use is growing exponentially across the globe. In response to this, web designers are configuring websites to display optimally on screens of different sizes. Web developers are making ‘mobile-first websites’ – websites that display optimally on small screens.

Types of websites

Different types of websites are running on the web. Some common types are an Magento e-commerce websites for online business to sell products, a WordPress blogging website for a blogger and small businesses to provide various services, custom websites for social networking, job advertisement sites and comparison websites.

How to make a website?

It is very easy for anyone with some computer knowledge to make a basic website. There are plenty of options and templates available online for this purpose. Some of these resources are free and some charge a fee. If you wish to design a website, first decide what type of website fits your purpose (are you displaying information only or do you wish the customer to interact with the content). Next, you will need to obtain open-source software and buy a domain name as well as a hosting package.

It will be beneficial to read online tutorials and spend some time researching the available resources for web design and taking a look at your competitor’s websites. After some trial and error, you will have a website. However, if you really want to make money online and attract the most customers and clicks, you will need a professional-looking website design and a SEO Agency. Potential customers will always prefer to buy a product from a professional website with full e-commerce features and potentially other features such as ‘live-chat’.

Why Nagra Website Designs Agency Leicester ?

Nagra web design Leicester develop SEO friendly websites for small and medium-sized businesses. We can develop websites for bloggers, online sellers and businesses. We design mobile-first websites so that the website is configured for display on different media devices. In parallel we can also optimize the website, this will help with Google and other search engine ranking. Our packages are very affordable and we are very transparent with an initial free consultation. We also provide SEO training for website admin. Call Nagra SEO Agency today to discuss your project. Live chat is available 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

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