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SEO training in Leicester

Learn Search Engine Optimisation in Leicester

Looking for “SEO training Leicester”, We provide one to one training at a very affordable price. Anyone with some basic computer knowledge can learn search engine optimisation. In our courses, we only teach white hat SEO techniques. Our student can learn and implement their knowledge on their website at the same time. This is a very good way of learning, because you will also learn to make changes on a real website. End of this course you will have a fully optimised website.

Who should learn Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

This is the most important and a hot topic in the IT industry currently. Millions of websites sell products and services online. There is intense competition for search engine ranking because there are just a few top positions. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing sell the top positions at a premium rate. This means if you are a small or medium-sized online seller, it is better to learn SEO techniques, rather than paying a monthly for optimization. We provide both services, website optimisation and training. It depends on the requirements for each individual.

How to learn Search Engine Optimisation?

Anyone can learn SEO techniques, you just need some basic computer knowledge. Plenty of material is available online to learn SEO, however, chances are you will learn all the bad habits and some unintentional black hat techniques. Black hat techniques will quickly bring up your website in search engine ranking, however, this position will not last long, within days you will find your website blacklisted by search engines, especially by Google. Blacklisting means your website will not show up in search engine searches. Google and other search engines do not accept black hat techniques and only give ranking to genuine user-friendly websites.


How much time it takes to learn SEO?

Training time is unique for each individual and will depend on prior knowledge, some require a week and others up to 6 weeks. It also depends on your current computer knowledge, if you are familiar with computer languages such as html5, CSS3, JavaScript and others, you will learn very quickly, however, if you have no knowledge of computer languages, it will take a little extra time. Given the time anyone can pick up the required skills for SEO.

Nagra SEO training Courses

Nagra SEO Leicester can train anyone who wants to learn website optimisation, we can customise a bespoke training package to meet your requirements. We train you on white hat techniques, which is the only way to get a long-term search engine ranking. If you are interested ee can also train you in website maintenance and development. We do not have a standard training package, we always design and tailor the package according to the client’s individual requirements. If you are interested in our other services such as Local SEO services, website design services or any other services, please feel to contact us.