Product Sourcing Agent UK

product sourcing agent in uk

Why source products from overseas?

Most of the online products sold in western countries such as the UK, US and EU come from China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Taiwan. All the major retailers are manufacturing their products in these Asian countries, where manufacturing costs are cheaper. If you are an online seller, you have to compete with these big companies. To compete directly you will need to sell your products at an even cheaper price, this is only possible if you directly import.

How to import from overseas?

Research what you want to sell on your website, and what your competitors are selling and at what price. Then you can reach out to suppliers online and ask them for quotes. If you are happy with a quote you can make an agreement and handover a deposit or the full cost of the product. All being well you will receive a delivery in the agreed time frame. On paper this sounds like an easy process, however importing products from overseas is a risky business, and there is a risk you may lose all of your money. Thousands of scammers are working online, and it is easy for them to convince anyone that they are a genuine manufacturer and are giving you a competitive price. If you are lucky you will get your delivery on time, however the chances are you will not. Why take a risk? Ask Nagra SEO Agency Leicester

How we can help?

Once you have decided what product you wish to sell online, we will pass on the enquiry to our agents in China and India. Our agents will find genuine suppliers or manufacturers of those products, and will send us a price list along with a sample for approval if that is appropriate. If you accept the quote and sample we can proceed with drafting an agreement for you. Our agents will book an order with the supplier who provided the best price and quality and will confirm the timelines with us. Our agent will check all the products before shipment and prepare all the paper work required for customs. Upon arrival of the product in the UK we can assist with custom clearance or provide guidance for you to do this directly. We are able to offer you a door to door delivery if it suits your requirements. Contact Nagra SEO Leicester for more info.